Celebrate and honor a life not lost, but well-lived.

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Pictures really do say a thousand words.

There is nothing more personal than a face. Photo memorials can be part of a traditional headstone, or incorporated into monuments or markers of all types. Memorialize an ash scattering ceremony, or dedicate a special place to a loved one with a quote and favorite photo. Hundreds of years from now, relatives will be able to see the face of their ancestors in full photographic color.
Our ceramics are created the same way they have been made for centuries: with natural pigments and fire. We are dedicated to preserving your memorial images for hundreds, if not thousands, of years through permanent, customized memorial keepsakes. Ceramic images have been found dating back over 10,000 years on urns and vessels. We use time-tested methods to create products that will last, indoor and out. Our ceramic and porcelain keepsakes can be customized with a photo, quote, prayer, graphic, or anything in between–whatever you feel is best to represent a life well-lived.

You have complete control.

This may be a loved one's "last shot" to reflect their entire life, and we know it. We take that to heart and create a high-quality, durable product to your specifications. Create your product your way. Our interactive design tools give you full control over your photos, text, graphics, and color. Make it as simple or complex as the life being honored.

We work for you.

Need a helping hand? Your custom plaque can be customized as thoroughly as you wish to honor the individual represented, even if you don't know where to begin. Don't have time to create the masterpiece you really want or just need some inspiration from the pros? Let us create your memorial photo plaque or keepsake product. We employ talented artists that will design your product for you, and most importantly, with you. Photo scanning and retouching is done in-house; all you have to do is email or snail-mail us your photo. You will have input into every step of the product's creation, and original photos will be returned with your completed product.